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Tenant Letting Questions

Please feel free to browse the list below of Frequently Asked Tenant Questions. If you don't find the answer you require simply get in touch and we will be happy to help you.

Who do you contact for references?
When might I need a Guarantor?
What is my application deposit for?
Is the application deposit refundable?
How much is the Bond and will I get it back
When can I have my bond returned?
How binding is the Tenancy Agreement I enter into?
Do I need insurance?
What happens when one of my guests damages the Landlord's property?
What is fair wear and tear?
What about pets?
How do I pay my rent?
How much money do I need to move into a property?
Who pays the council tax and other bills?
Why should I choose to rent through Just4let?
Will my contact information be used by anyone else?
What happens before we leave the property?
What is the procedure for the return of keys?
Evidence of bill payment, what is the reason?
What is the Landlord responsible for?
What am I the Tenant responsible for?