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Landlord Letting Questions

Please feel free to browse the list below of Frequently Asked Landlord Questions. If you don't find the answer you require simply get in touch and we will be happy to help you.

What's the difference between a Fully Managed property and Introduction Only?
How will I get paid?
How long will it take from a tenant choosing my property to them moving in?
Fully furnished? Unfurnished? What's the difference?
What are the Legal requirements?
What if I ignore the regulations?
What about electrical testing?
Can I use a handyman or plumber for gas work?
How can I ensure an installer is Gas Safe registered?
What should I do if the installer is not Gas Safe registered and/or has falsely claimed they are Gas Saferegistered?
What if an appliance fails the safety check?
What happens if I do not maintain my ‘tenants' gas appliances?
I have LPG heaters in the properties - do I need them checked?
Will my contact information be used by anyone else?
What is the Landlord responsible for?
What is the Tenant responsible for?
What are my main duties as a landlord?
Who does the Tenant referencing?
What is the Length of tenancy?
What happens if I use Just4Let Full Management Package?
What action is required to gain access to property?
What happens at the End of tenancy?
My tenants are noisy and having parties every weekend. The neighbours are complaining to me but do not want to get involved.
Housing Benefit are taking 2 months to process claims - What can I do?
Are there any more fees to be paid once I’ve found a tenant through the Find Tenant Only Service?
Why should I choose to use Just4let as my agent?